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I should be doing things, but instead, I'm posting on lj and watching the Flames v. Sharks. Iginla just scored. This is actually a pretty good game.

I blame the whole day for making me lazy. Right around the time, I slept in due to drinking a lot more alcohol than I normally do. (I'm not a drinker at all and had all of three drinks last night/early morning.) And then how I looked over at [ profile] spartacusjones who also was very comfortable in bed and how we spent like an hour talking before vacating equals super lazy. I got up mostly because my relative was coming over so I could teach her Photoshop tricks and spartacusjones and I wanted to go to the comic book store before that.

Anyway, [ profile] amaresu only gets Wild games so I'm gathering geek-y hockey things for her. And I still *heart* Ovechkin even if he hasn't been doing so hot lately. Poor guy. Though the Capitals beat the Devils, go them.

Lots of YouTube vids )

Now I'm going to watch Iginla lead his team to victory. For he's my other hockey boyfriend.

ETA: Look who comes to Queen Mum's aid. None other that the Gretzky! Oh, comics.
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Another way cute commercial from NBC about hockey. This one is based on what hockey players do while road tripping and, of course, features Ovechkin.

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Don't you wish [ profile] lornelover was home so I could just show her instead of posting to my journal?

I'm trying to read Superman Red Son, the what if Superman landed in the USSR instead of the US. But I've forgotten how little I can take of Millar's writing and how Superman kind of drives me nutty with being Superman.
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1. Work is either b-o-r-i-n-g or very busy. This leaves me with either lots of free time to write fic, harass co-workers, learn more about css, and laugh at GoFugYourself or give me tons of overtime. And I have to go in on Sunday for further training. Ugh. Not as bad as my supervisor who missed part of his birthday party on Friday because of dumb things at work.

2. Been doing a lot of web work outside work. This means I haven't really been reading or writing or answering lj comments or leaving lj comments. I have two more holiday ficlets to write. 2! I will get them done, sooner or later. I haven't forgotten, ladies.

3. I have my period. I haven't had one since November due to going off birth control so it's nice to know that I haven't been abducted by aliens or need to start my own religion. Of course, the hormones have led me to have another episode of Getting It Done With Erica (tm Lornelover), snap at co-workers, and be reduced to tears by a five minute conversation with my mom.

4. Hockey is life. Ovechkin is so my cute little rookie. Awe, look at him in All-Star Game Skills Competition. He got a new visor specially made for the game. Awe.

5. BSG moving to Sundays throws my whole week routine off. I keep thinking it's the wrong days. Also Athena FTW.
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Thank you [ profile] blueswan9 for the virtual holiday card, [ profile] prozacpark for the New Year's virtual ballons, and [ profile] tx_cronopio for the New Year's card.

Since my journal's become fic, hockey, fic, fic, hockey, comics, fic, I thought I'd add some more to the hockey. My favorite rookie is Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals because not only is he an awesome player, he's also really enthusiastic. I don't watch a lot of Eastern Conference games. (I'm a West Coaster, heart and soul.) But Ovechkin, he breaks down those barriers, even if I am disturbed that he's almost 2 years younger than me.

The amazing shot while he was sliding on his back on the ice. YouTube vid. )

I also found out today that everyone in my department at work is an Aquarius, except me. (Well, I have two more people to ask...) I'm a Sagittarian with an Aries moon and a Virgo ascendant, in case anyone wants to know how to piss me off or seduce me. And yes, I'm fascinated by astrology and have been for a very long time.

ETA: Forgot to add that I hung out with [ profile] shakegirl yesterday and she's awesome. Of course, I already knew that. She was all "England this, England that" but I shut her up with my talking Star Trek ornament.
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Watching Sabers Vs. Islanders on VS. I hate this network and their announcers so much. I hate them even more as they cut away from a fight. Who cuts away from a fight? I feel like they're just advertising for the network over and over and have annoying American announcer voice that gives me bad flashbacks to my father watching nascar.
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Lornelover, it's a shame that you aren't here. You missed Don Cherry's sparkly purple jacket and purple Looney Toons tie.

Watching Canucks vs. Oilers and there were 4 fights in the 1st. I love hockey. And the Canucks are winning at 2:0.

Most of my kitchen is reorganized and it's amazing what some cleaning can do. Lornelover, I moved all the kettles in the oven's drawer and put some canned stuff in the pantry instead of by the cereal. All the cereal is now reachable without the stepstool.

Wow. I'm boring today.

Read some comics. She Hulk remains awesome as Jen's finally out of the love spell and getting her head out of her ass marriage. And dumb ass fanboys and their complaining about the non-sexy art really need to bite me or I just shouldn't read the letters. My comic book guy was giving me a hard time about not reading Whedon comics anymore and asking if my ban on his work extended to the upcoming Buffy comic.

Fandom's making me really happy lately with some great Sheppard/Weir and Fraser/RayK (plus hockey!) stories. I feel like I need to compile a recs list soon, but that I'll wait until the Yuletide and other secret santa authors are announced.


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