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Title: Sort-Sighted for the Long-Term
Author: viciouswishes
For: amaresu
Fandom: AtS/due South
Pairing: Gunn/RayK
Setting: Post-series
Rating: NC17
Words: 600
Request: due South/Buffy, Gunn/RayK, glasses
Summary: For fanfic_100 040 sight, Ray's still wearing his glass and Gunn's still killing demons.

Sort-Sighted for the Long-Term )
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Title: The Unexpected Guest
Author: viciouswishes
Fandom: due South/SGA
Pairing: Laura Cadman/Maggie McKenzie
Rating: PG
Setting: dS Post-"Hunting Season" and SGA pre-series
Prompt: due South. Cadman/Maggie. Last-ditch prayers.
Words: 700
Summary: For [ profile] sg_femslash's Holiday Blues Battle, sometimes, it's the journey, not the destination. Laura backpacks through the wilds of Canada.

The Unexpected Guest )
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Title: Let Every Woman Melt Her Own Snow
Author: viciouswishes
Beta: sandy_s and lornelover
Fandom: Buffyverse/due South
Pairing: Buffy and Fraser, gen (mentions Buffy/Spike, Fraser/Victoria, and Fraser/RayK)
Setting: Post-"Chosen" and Post-"Call of the Wild"
Rating: G
Words: 4,082
Summary: Buffy ends up in Inuvik hunting down a new Slayer with the help of Benton Fraser.

Let Every Woman Melt Her Own Snow )
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Title: Right Knowledge, Wrong Knowledge, Fancy, Drink, and Memory
Author: viciouswishes
Beta: kattahj
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Francesca/Stella
Rating: NC17
Setting: Post-"Call of the Wild."
Words: 1321
Summary: Stella needed another drink after fighting with Vecchio over the destination for their belated honeymoon.

Right Knowledge, Wrong Knowledge, Fancy, Drink, and Memory )
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Title: Marinara
Author: viciouswishes
For: [ profile] tx_cronopio
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Fraser/Vecchio
Rating: G
Setting: Post-"North"
Words: 228
Request: Fraser/Vecchio, cooking
Summary: Vecchio lived up to the promise he made to Fraser, even if they weren't in Canada like planned.

Marinara )
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This is one of three secret Dief (the Yule deaf half-wolf) projects that I'm working on as part of my holiday ficlet requests. Most of these were requests that people made in general in their journals and I was like "plot bunny!" This was started after [ profile] lornelover and I watched "Chinatown" together.

Title: Far Beyond the Beaufort Sea
Author: viciouswishes
For: [ profile] lornelover
Fandom: due South/Firefly
Rating: PG
Setting: due South post-series, Firefly post-movie
Pairing: none, Fraser
Words: 588
Request: The Firefly gang making fun of Fraser for his bad Chinese.
Summary: Constable Benton Fraser was the first Canadian and the first member of the RCMP to be cryogenically frozen. Really, it had been an accident, an accident which took approximately four hours to explain, so he preferred not to go into it at this juncture.

Far Beyond the Beaufort Sea )
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Title: Hold My Calls, Turnbull
Author: viciouswishes
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Turnbull and Fraser/RayK
Rating: G
Setting: Post-"Asylum"
Words: 557
Summary: Turnbull liked this Detective Vecchio better than the last. This one didn’t ignore him (as much) and had even learned the finer points of curling.

Hold My Calls, Turnbull )
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Title: Spiked Punch
Author: viciouswishes
For: [ profile] moosesal
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Setting: Post-"Good for the Soul."
Rating: PG
Words: 673
Request: Fraser/Kowalski, eggnog
Summary: Francesca spiked the eggnog at the holiday party, and Ray drank a little too much.

Spiked Punch )

due South

Sep. 17th, 2005 10:28 pm
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I finished due South tonight. In the original run of the series, I saw most of S1 and S2, but that was a long time ago. I don't know why I'm cutting for a show that ended years ago, but I will anyway. Best series finale ever ) I have no deep thoughts. But now I feel I can read fic. I have this thing where I like to watch the show all the way through (or to the most recent) before reading the fic. Because mostly like I need another fandom to read fic in.

Tomorrow, I'm working on my box project all day. It's this crazy puzzle thing that we have to make out of thick construction paper that can't have any negative space inside, has to be at least three pieces, and complex. Did I mention that I can't cut a straight line with a ruler and utility knife?

Have made brownies, took a bath, started to read the second part of Angels in America, read some fic, and am now watching "Calvary." My love for Angelus/Lilah snark touches my soul. Now I need to fix my desktop.
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It wasn't Spike/Buffy, Marti Noxon, annoying Dawn, "Seeing Red," or anything else that traumatized viewers in S6. It was actually the Sarah McLachlan music.

(I'm watching the dS episode "Victoria's Secret: Part 1" and cringing at the Sarah McLachlan music. Stop the musical montage. Though I don't mind Paul Gross missing some or all of his clothing.)
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I've been sick all night. Perhaps my stomach's rebelling against actual food. (I went to the grocery store today, and thanks to my grandparents, I can afford to buy groceries.) But mostly, I think it's stress. I used to get sore throats and yeast infections, but now it's my stomach. I know that I need more sleep than I've been getting since I've been continuously woken up by dog barking. We aren't supposed to have dogs in our building, but one woman has two little yippers that don't know how to be silent and got into a barking competition with one of the more obnoxious dogs in the neighborhood. It makes me miss my mom's well-trained and well-behaved dog.

Mostly, I've been just hanging out by myself and doing homework. My first plaster sculpture's partially carved. I can't really justify going anywhere but school and the store for food with the current price of gas. I've been working a bit on the charity fics. I accidentally cut my knuckle while cooking.

I'm finishing the rest of due South S1 and now I remember how much the musical montages annoy me. I think that's the only plus side of a virtual series is no musical montages ever. However, Fraser makes me happy when I don't want to read/watch the news.

Spoilers for Astonishing X-Men 12 )

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