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[ profile] crazydiamondsue is talking about marketing your fic and making fic recs. I wholeheartedly agree with her points about the nature of fandom and such, both as a reader and someone who does rec posts.

Looking for a beta for a couple of fics: (1) a little over 1,000 words and set post-NFA with pairings of Angel/Cordelia/Wesley, Buffy/Gunn, Fred/Willow, and Wesley/Lilah and (2) a short, dirty Buffy/Tara femmeslash mini, mostly looking for grammar/spelling due tomorrow.

I was all prepared with my list to be productive today, but my stomach had other ideas.
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So here's a thought I had while rummaging through my flist today. Turning Spike into a girl and making him have sex with Buffy doesn't make femmeslash. No, seriously. The only way that can be femmeslash is if you convincingly make Spike a MTF (male-to-female transsexual) and that's even regardless of what's under his skirt. But Spike with a magical!vagina and magical!boobs does not mean that Spike considers himself a woman.

Thoughts on VM 2x01 )

I was watching some Star Trek today and was reminded how UST-y Crusher/Picard was even in S1. Damn. I wonder if they still get married since after "All Good Things," Picard knew that if they got a divorce, but timelines are tricky little buggers.

Art ownz me. I spent 11 hours of my life today (almost half the day) in it's clutches. (Okay, six of it was in class.) My first thrown bowl ever exploded in the kiln. *sniff* (It was actually due to my own stupidity.) But I got to wear leather and play with fire at the same time. But really, I made another bowl and some cardboard boxes.

Someone bailed on us for seeing Serenity tomorrow. So we have an extra ticket.

And, [ profile] amaresu and [ profile] cupiecake, I was right; Ethan loved the bubbles. I blew them and he wacked them with his paw. He started to meow at me to blow more when I put them away. Now, does anyone know how get soap out of my wood flooring? ;)
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Letters abound )

Tonight's Desperate Housewives )

Why is Barry Zuckerkorn on Crossing Jordan? I'm seeing crossover. What's with Nigel's hair? OMG, it's been too long since I've watched this show. He's like the anti-Barry.

Tony has his surgery tomorrow for his sleep apnea so send good vibes his way.
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It wasn't Spike/Buffy, Marti Noxon, annoying Dawn, "Seeing Red," or anything else that traumatized viewers in S6. It was actually the Sarah McLachlan music.

(I'm watching the dS episode "Victoria's Secret: Part 1" and cringing at the Sarah McLachlan music. Stop the musical montage. Though I don't mind Paul Gross missing some or all of his clothing.)
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I didn't really have time to check the flist before I left this morning and boy, are you people chatting. Actually, does someone remember how to do the lj command to filter out communities? (At least I thought there was one.)

I spent far too much time at G.I. Joes today. I also had a semi-bad allergic reaction when [ profile] lornelover and I went out on a date, which also included me tripping in my 4-inch platform shoes and skinning both my knees. After going back to my mom's house for downtime and discussing the Atlantis wank, the heterosexual life partner and I met [ profile] waterredwood at the movies to see The 40-Year-Old Virgin, which got 2 thumbs up and 1 thumb that had to think about it more.

What I Found On My Flist Tonight by V.Wishes

[ profile] itsabigrock has issued a challenge for Angel/Spike authors to index their fic at the Reference Key.

Minister of hate to "hunt down" Swedish king - crazy Fred Phelps is going to Sweden to dethrone their king because "Sweden is the cradle of all evil and that the king rules a nation of sodomites." *giggles and shakes head*

Charisma Carpenter in a bikini. Promo pic for VM S2.

[ profile] dancetomato recounts the origins of Fairy!Spike.

More Brokeback Mountain information, including a link to the original short story. Be prepared with the tissues. Also I'm such a country bumpkin. In the story, there's several mentions of them losing quite a few sheep to coyotes, which had me thinking 'well, dorks, you brought blue heelers, which are cattle dogs, not sheep dogs.' Cattle dogs herd by nipping at the heels of the animal, while sheep dogs herd by facing the animals. It's really funny to watch Lulu, my mom's blue heeler, try to herd the chickens around the barnyard. (No, she doesn't hurt them as they're too low to the ground for nipping.)

A San Francisco Gate writer ponders what's on Jesus' iPod?

[ profile] luna_k's love meme is still going strong. *smooches to everyone who's played*

Thought of the night: In several of the comments about me in the love meme, people mentioned my fic rec list. (Yay!) For my lists, I read or attempt to read a hell of a lot of fanfic, but unless I've friended your journal, the only way I know about your fic is if it's been pimped somewhere or was part of a ficathon that I read the entire masterlist. Personally, I *love* discovering new (or new-to-me) authors that make me giddy with good fic. So don't be trigger shy at self-pimping in communities that allow such a thing, such as [ profile] hyperion_lobby, any other communities for specific pairings, genres, or characters, or self-loading archives. (This, of course, also applies to the authors that I know and love because other people should be reading your fic too.)

No Cookie

Aug. 12th, 2005 04:24 pm
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Dear Joss,

Please shut the fuck up. You are not the genius that you tote yourself as or certain people put in their fic disclaimers.

No cookie for you,


Reference: Joss' comments on Veronica Mars. Also I shouldn't be allowed to read the comments by the fans below. [ profile] twinkledru has assertions of why Joss liked the show through the finale, which is basically why I pretend that the finale happened differently or not at all. [ profile] fox1013 has a good essay somewhere (I'm lazy) about why the final episode of S1 failed.

Also I shouldn't be allowed to read anything James Marsters says. But I couldn't resist as a fenster's journal I stumbled upon had labeled it as JM telling the truth of Spike's character or some other nonsense. Poor JM had to play a passive character on AtS S5. Did he miss the title of the show?

In good news, I've been watching [ profile] marenfic's poll with great interest. It seems to be proving my assertion that many people like Gunn, they just don't love him. If you haven't taken a look or voted yourself, you should.

Okay, must finish my Spike/Gunn story now. Does anyone want to do a super-fast beta on it? It's NC17 and will be under 2000 words and is due tomorrow.

ETA: There are now spoilers for the VM final episode in the comments.
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So I'm on the phone with Tony, and he's a big dork. He apparently thought that the poll feature on lj was so nifty that he wanted me to do more polling.

[Poll #545617]


Jul. 28th, 2005 09:45 am
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My professor thought it was kind to tease us that she might cancel class. She had/has food poisoning and is still having class this morning. This means: 1) She (and the rest of us) will probably be very tired. 2) That she's driving 50 miles from her house to the uni. (We have these crazy ass profs that lived hours away from the uni too.) and 3) That she thinks her class is important enough to drive and teach while still a bit sick. Her class, yeah, not that important as her lectures are carbon copies of the textbook.

Also I have no water pressure. I had none before, and today, I was leaning against the tiles to rise the soap from my body during my shower.

[ profile] fer1213 reenacts scenes from Smashed with dolls. The Warren and Jonathan dolls are a best.

[ profile] m_butterfly rants about fic writers so not getting House's disability and subsequent addiction to Vicodin. In other words, due to House's immobility of his knee, h/c after he falls isn't going to be pretty and woobified and there will no bottoming doggie style and topping missionary style.

The House rant gave me flashbacks of this one time I felt murderous toward a Lost writer about her portrayal of Charlie's heroin addiction and had to be restrained. (Of course, I kind of felt the same way toward the show. But then they killed Boone so it doesn't matter.)
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Candy and Evan are over and we're watching Better Off Dead. John Cusack is the man. I'm also working on my book report. I hope what I'm writing is what the teacher wants.
I'm suppose to do some sort of psychological experiment for psychology. Any suggestions on what I should do?

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