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Since yousendit changed their downloading rules (less downloads, tiny file size limits), let me know if you snag something or if something went dead. I'm just curious about downloading, what's popular, etc.

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Funny stuff: [ profile] amaresu reading Gandhi while watching Full Metal Jacket with [ profile] lornelover and myself on Monday. (Adam Baldwin arm porn *goes to happy place*) Checking out the girl that [ profile] seino_chan was/is crushing on in a very conspicuious way thanks to her laughing while I was being sneaky. Ordering Sex Pots by Paul Mathieu, a book of erotic ceramics, from the interlibrary loan system. (My ceramics prof was encouraging me to incorporate "what I write about" into my ceramics. (Yes, he knows I write p0rn.) Can anyone say dildos?)

Good stuff: Karissa has taken all her stuff and I vacuumed the living room. My mommy (and two brother and exchange student) will be here tomorrow. Lewis Black comparing Wal-Mart/consumers to Ike/Tina. That I stopped watching Lost after last season.

Bad stuff: Ethan peed on the floor as I watched him. As I grabbed him, he let the flood out. I haven't responded to e-mail. I'm very, very bad. Anyone besides Colin Firth playing Mr. Darcy and dear god, Keira Knightley needs like a milkshake, fries, burgers, and then some more.

? stuff: Some 16-year-old from Kent im-ing me during my radio show and thinking that since I was in college I must be 25 with children. He never answered my questions about how a kid becomes the most popular in high school. (Of course, I kept asking him how a goat became so popular.) Tonight's VMars.
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GRE Bootcamp Days 13 & 14
- Watched All's Well That Ends Well, Othello, Coriolanus, and The Comedy of Errors. Shakespeare is giving me dreams in Elizabethan English.
- Read D.H. Lawrence's "The Rocking-Horse Winner"
- Read Flannery O'Connor's "The Lame Shall Enter First"

Actual Schoolwork
- Read first story in Annie Proulx's Close Range
- Glued a lot of coffee beans, a lot.
- I'm either going to run out of glue or Shakespeare and then I'm going to get more glue and go to ceramics' room.
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Does anyone have a copy of Bright Eyes - The President Talks To God? You can download it from their web site, but my computer didn't like their site.

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