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Standard Disclaimer: These are fanfiction stories that I enjoy, nothing more. Some of them are great, well-written epics, some are fun, some are very short, and others hit my kinks. Not everyone will enjoy what I recommend. Stories are in no particular order. If there's something you think I should read in my fandoms, link me to the story and I'll take a stab.

Fanfic recs: Buffyverse, X-Men, Firefly, VMars, House, ST:V, due South, SGA, B5, BSG, & Crossovers )
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I've been playing with instead of reading. Organization is Zen. But I have found a few good things.

Recs under here. )
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But first, I have officially sent all my grad school applications off! Huzzah.

Recs - For they are full of Truthiness )

Open season: Is there anything you want to see in my recs? I don't mean "more of x/y recs" but suggestions for improvement on my format.
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Note: All Firefly recs are pre-movie so those few peeps who haven't seen it, don't need to worry. On to the recs )
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Seriously, they are. You should make fic rec lists too. You have the power. Please note the Firefly recs contained within the cut do NOT contain spoilers for Serenity in either the summary or fics themselves. I'll be making a separate post for those stories. Also Spoilers for Veronica Mars through 2x03.Fresh Recs (Can you tell I'm watching the WB?) )

I have this black and white thing curled up to my leg and I'm unsure of why it's there. Apparently when I'm at class, Ethan is going to How to be a Feline 101. He's so cute; when he sleeps and the lights are on, he puts his paw over his eyes.
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Dax in a bathing suit! Dax in a bathing suit! Oh, the Risa episode with former Miss America Vanessa Williams. I totally had one of those tear out posters from Trek magazines of Jadzia from this episode on my wall. *cough* It's nice not to watch any commercials since I can flip to Firefly on Sci-Fi. Dude, Worf is such a dumbass; he has a hot woman and he's unhappy.

Recs! New! Shiny! Buffyverse, X-Men, Star Trek: DS9, Firefly, Veronica Mars, House, Supernatural, and due South )

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