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Title: Culture Shock
Author: viciouswishes
For: sweptawaybayou
Fandom: AtS/Star Trek: TNG
Pairing: Gunn and Worf
Rating: G
Words: 100
Request: Gunn/Worf, being the muscle
Summary: For fanfic_100 078. Where?, Gunn ends up in the 24th century.

Culture Shock )
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Title: A Little Risian Magic
Author: viciouswishes
Beta: queenzulu
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG and DS9
Pairing: Data/Geordi, mentions Crusher/Picard and Jadzia/Worf
Rating: G
Setting: Futurefic where Data and Jadzia are alive.
Words: 2393
Summary: Geordi and Data take a much-needed vacation to Risa.

A Little Risian Magic )
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Title: Free and Favorable
Author: viciouswishes
Fandom: TNG/Voyager
Pairing: Crusher/Janeway
Rating: NC17
Setting: Post-series
Words: 269
Request: Beverly Crusher/Kathryn Janeway, command
Summary: For Fouth of July Femslash Porn Battle, Beverly's newly divorce and looking for her new life.

Free and Favorable )
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One of the saddest things is to go through my fanfic recs and cull out the dead links. It's something I need to do, but something I don't want to do. I have a secret list of dead link fic that every so often I Google for. This is why I buy my books so I don't lose the stories. As a child, there was a time where everything I read was checked out from the library and a lot of it I wish I had because I can only remember vague bits of plot. This is what I angst over late at night; I can be acutely paranoid that someone's going to take away my favorite stories ever since I snagged back my BSC book from Nicole's bedroom in 3rd grade. Online is where we publish our fic and it seems wrong to print the stuff out somehow because I can't share my finds as easily. If you've ever wondered why I don't loan my books, movies, etc., now you really know.

I cried over the Star Trek: TNG episode "The Bonding" today when Captain Picard tells a little boy whose mom just died: "No one is alone on the starship Enterprise, Jeremy. No one." The tears just started flowing. Captain Picard was my imaginary father most of my childhood.

Now that I'm done with the melodrama, have fun with the rest of your flist...
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So here's a thought I had while rummaging through my flist today. Turning Spike into a girl and making him have sex with Buffy doesn't make femmeslash. No, seriously. The only way that can be femmeslash is if you convincingly make Spike a MTF (male-to-female transsexual) and that's even regardless of what's under his skirt. But Spike with a magical!vagina and magical!boobs does not mean that Spike considers himself a woman.

Thoughts on VM 2x01 )

I was watching some Star Trek today and was reminded how UST-y Crusher/Picard was even in S1. Damn. I wonder if they still get married since after "All Good Things," Picard knew that if they got a divorce, but timelines are tricky little buggers.

Art ownz me. I spent 11 hours of my life today (almost half the day) in it's clutches. (Okay, six of it was in class.) My first thrown bowl ever exploded in the kiln. *sniff* (It was actually due to my own stupidity.) But I got to wear leather and play with fire at the same time. But really, I made another bowl and some cardboard boxes.

Someone bailed on us for seeing Serenity tomorrow. So we have an extra ticket.

And, [ profile] amaresu and [ profile] cupiecake, I was right; Ethan loved the bubbles. I blew them and he wacked them with his paw. He started to meow at me to blow more when I put them away. Now, does anyone know how get soap out of my wood flooring? ;)
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I love Star Trek. I really do. But today, I watched "Symbiosis" (TNG) and omg, one big crack is bad PSA.

Group A: We're dying and need our medicine! *have withdrawal symptoms*
Group B: *hoards the 'medicine'* "We're rich. We need money for our drugs."
Dr. Crusher: "OMG, they're drug addicts. I *know* an addict when I see one. Captain Picard, tell them."
Picard: "Prime Directive, non-interference, blah blah blah. Did you miss that part of Starfleet?"
Dr. Crusher: "Crack is bad. Group B, we know that you know it's drugs."
Picard: *outsmarts them all and destroys their dependant economy by not fixing some important ship part*

The actual script between Tasha, Data, and Wesley is even funnier and more PSA-y. Beware as Tasha morphs into Nancy Regan, though keeps her utopian principles )

*cues the laughter* Seriously, I was sitting there in shock. It was the 80s very special drug episode of Star Trek, and it was so bad. I wanted a guest appearance by House, popping his vicodin like potato chips and snarking at Beverly for her naive approach to drug use. (Side note: Actual drug addiction is very serious, what I mock is the PSA.)

[ profile] dovil wrote about tops and bottoms. Her original question is about writers turning the bottom into women/Mary Sues/children. Like OTPs, I'm puzzled by people with fixed 'x' person is bottom or 'x' person is a top. People's favorite tops were Angel, Giles, and Gunn. People's favorite bottoms were Spike, Andrew, and Xander. Wesley and Riley were debated. I smirk. I also make Angel call Wesley 'sir' and be the student in teacher/student role playing.

I also wonder what it is about Gunn that gives everyone such an impression that he's a top. Masculine? Height? Axe (which [ profile] mallyns and I couldn't decide if it was vaginal or not)? Race? Leader of his crew? Combination of everything?

The impossibility of Angel/Gunn was brought up due to them both being tops, but for me, seeing that 'ship is really more about Gunn's issues with vamps than anything else. Also my Gunn will bottom for Wesley. In Kat's AU Bent Justice, Gunn is a bottom, and one thing I really like about this fic (among others) is her discussion of the consequences of Gunn's image if people knew he was a bottom.

Also, you all failed. Failed, failed. Why did I accidentally stumble onto [ profile] jar_daily? Why wasn't anyone like 'hey, Erica...'?

In other news, fist-fuck is in the O.E.D.
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Day 05. Star Trek: TNG. PG. Geordi/Data. Between Insurrection and Nemesis. Beta: [ profile] lornelover and [ profile] marsterslady.

Joy )
I really need a Geordi/Data icon. Especially since they've been my OTP for years.

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