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Things I Did:

1) Changed my default icon to one of Buffy made by [ profile] the_true_slayer and [ profile] sweetteeth15. I felt that I need something else considering my one of Charlotte I used because I over identified with her post-break up. I felt that I needed a change.

2) Box, box, box. I burnt my right middle finger with glue from a hot glue gun. You'd think I'd learn from the amount of craft projects I helped my mom with as a child that hey, hot glue melts your skin and burns you. It doesn't help that it's the finger I use when scrolling with the down arrow on my laptop.

3) My ceramics prof liked my cylinder. Score.

4) I had a tutoring appointment with Austin and he helped me with my geometry and square roots for the GRE. That Pythagoras guy is no longer a distance memory of "Wasn't he Greek and into right triangles? Took them out on dates, right?"

5) Didn't go to B-GLAD for the first time in a very, very long time and I wasn't in a different time zone this time.

Other bits: My stomach hurts, must be Tuesday. I can't wait for Serenity.

Bones 1x02 )

House 2x01. More stupid musical montages, only better executed than Bones )
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[ profile] fandom_charity is active again and I've put my offer for fic writing here.

To Do:
3 chapters ceramics
Intro for creative writing
Sketchs for 3-D art
Get supplies for both art classes and litter for Ethan
Make poster
Read for training
Vocab 3-D art

Random: Apparently, Sir-Mix-a-Lot has a mansion in Federal Way, Washington.


Jul. 28th, 2005 09:45 am
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My professor thought it was kind to tease us that she might cancel class. She had/has food poisoning and is still having class this morning. This means: 1) She (and the rest of us) will probably be very tired. 2) That she's driving 50 miles from her house to the uni. (We have these crazy ass profs that lived hours away from the uni too.) and 3) That she thinks her class is important enough to drive and teach while still a bit sick. Her class, yeah, not that important as her lectures are carbon copies of the textbook.

Also I have no water pressure. I had none before, and today, I was leaning against the tiles to rise the soap from my body during my shower.

[ profile] fer1213 reenacts scenes from Smashed with dolls. The Warren and Jonathan dolls are a best.

[ profile] m_butterfly rants about fic writers so not getting House's disability and subsequent addiction to Vicodin. In other words, due to House's immobility of his knee, h/c after he falls isn't going to be pretty and woobified and there will no bottoming doggie style and topping missionary style.

The House rant gave me flashbacks of this one time I felt murderous toward a Lost writer about her portrayal of Charlie's heroin addiction and had to be restrained. (Of course, I kind of felt the same way toward the show. But then they killed Boone so it doesn't matter.)
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Candy and Evan are over and we're watching Better Off Dead. John Cusack is the man. I'm also working on my book report. I hope what I'm writing is what the teacher wants.
I'm suppose to do some sort of psychological experiment for psychology. Any suggestions on what I should do?
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Everyone needs to check out the newest issue of the UPS Open Line, which is avaiable down in the mailroom. It has a fabulous picture of Jim Hoppe in a feather boa.


Feb. 11th, 2003 09:12 am
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So didn't go to sleep till 2. Even though went to bed at 12:30. Stupid insomnia, stupid ring, stupid quest, stupid orcs...wait.
As much as I enjoy Lesbian and Gay Lit class, it's too damn early in the morning. But am wearing sexy new low-riding, greeen snake print jeans.
Will not read Herc. Will make out with Drew Goddard. 11 hours, 47 mins till new episode.

Grr Argh

Feb. 10th, 2003 02:00 pm
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Almost said "take a drink" when my international relations' teacher said "champion." Wow. I need to get a life.
Everyone was weepy in Women's Lit. It's my hour to be really girly.
Guess what, the girl who kept me up all night and woke me up this morning is taking a fucking nap.
Will not read Herc. Will make out with Drew Goddard. (<- boyfriend is possibly reading this and wondering who this Drew fellow is. Don't worry. Slightly famous screen writer I don't know.)

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