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Watch me tear out my hair some more. It's like a spectator sport that causes my journal to be put on filters and/or defriended. (I prefer the latter to the former, in case you were thinking about it.) The parents' divorce trial has been rescheduled to January! Janu-fucking-ary. I'm going to be living in a cardboard box or whoring myself out before then. Because my dad's lawyer needs 2 days to present. You'd think we were the Trumps, not auto mechanics from Central Oregon.

All I wanted for my birthday was for my parents to be divorced. (My birthday is Dec. 13th.)

OMG, why did no one say that Dolly Parton was on the Daily Show last night? I love Dolly and the juxtaposition between her image and her music. Oh, irony. Damn, why isn't her new album on KUPS rotation. Dude, [ profile] lornelover, your mom and Jon Stewart should totally make Bob Dylan jokes together.

I played with fire this morning and fired 3 bowls, 1 plate, and 1 vase. One boy accidentally broke one of my bowls. While I understand accidents happen, I was mad at him because it's not the only thing he fucked up on. He was slow and incompetent when you need to be awake, fast, and paying attention. I almost lost it and yelled at him pre-bowl breaking. He almost caught his own shoe on fire by kicking my broken, still on fire pot; now that would've been funny. And the other boy I was working with kept trying to start me on fire. Don't bring hot ceramics toward people and not pay attention. Idiots.


Oct. 6th, 2005 08:35 pm
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The box of DOOM is done. (It's a puzzle box, basically like a game of Jenga only with more interesting square shapes.) Huzzah! It's not perfect, but it's art. Art is never perfect; it's done.

Of course, the professor extended the deadline so it's now due a week from Tuesday. Why does that always happen to me?

BTW, [ profile] itsabigrock, do I need to bring anything or pick up anyone along the way?
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So here's a thought I had while rummaging through my flist today. Turning Spike into a girl and making him have sex with Buffy doesn't make femmeslash. No, seriously. The only way that can be femmeslash is if you convincingly make Spike a MTF (male-to-female transsexual) and that's even regardless of what's under his skirt. But Spike with a magical!vagina and magical!boobs does not mean that Spike considers himself a woman.

Thoughts on VM 2x01 )

I was watching some Star Trek today and was reminded how UST-y Crusher/Picard was even in S1. Damn. I wonder if they still get married since after "All Good Things," Picard knew that if they got a divorce, but timelines are tricky little buggers.

Art ownz me. I spent 11 hours of my life today (almost half the day) in it's clutches. (Okay, six of it was in class.) My first thrown bowl ever exploded in the kiln. *sniff* (It was actually due to my own stupidity.) But I got to wear leather and play with fire at the same time. But really, I made another bowl and some cardboard boxes.

Someone bailed on us for seeing Serenity tomorrow. So we have an extra ticket.

And, [ profile] amaresu and [ profile] cupiecake, I was right; Ethan loved the bubbles. I blew them and he wacked them with his paw. He started to meow at me to blow more when I put them away. Now, does anyone know how get soap out of my wood flooring? ;)
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Letters abound )

Tonight's Desperate Housewives )

Why is Barry Zuckerkorn on Crossing Jordan? I'm seeing crossover. What's with Nigel's hair? OMG, it's been too long since I've watched this show. He's like the anti-Barry.

Tony has his surgery tomorrow for his sleep apnea so send good vibes his way.
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Things I Did:

1) Changed my default icon to one of Buffy made by [ profile] the_true_slayer and [ profile] sweetteeth15. I felt that I need something else considering my one of Charlotte I used because I over identified with her post-break up. I felt that I needed a change.

2) Box, box, box. I burnt my right middle finger with glue from a hot glue gun. You'd think I'd learn from the amount of craft projects I helped my mom with as a child that hey, hot glue melts your skin and burns you. It doesn't help that it's the finger I use when scrolling with the down arrow on my laptop.

3) My ceramics prof liked my cylinder. Score.

4) I had a tutoring appointment with Austin and he helped me with my geometry and square roots for the GRE. That Pythagoras guy is no longer a distance memory of "Wasn't he Greek and into right triangles? Took them out on dates, right?"

5) Didn't go to B-GLAD for the first time in a very, very long time and I wasn't in a different time zone this time.

Other bits: My stomach hurts, must be Tuesday. I can't wait for Serenity.

Bones 1x02 )

House 2x01. More stupid musical montages, only better executed than Bones )
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At the moment I have an eternal love for Mick Jagger. And it's not just because he and David Bowie totally got it on. I'm totally zen, except my back really hurts.

I was in the 3-D art room for 3 hours tonight working on my art project. The whole bent over the table equals back hurtage. I didn't even get the first box thing done. I would've had I not got some bad advice and said "fuck it." At least my favorite two Idaho boys were there to harass and listen to country music with. Toby Keith's "Honkey Tonk U" still sounds like he says "I have sex with quarterbacks." And some campus dj twit wouldn't play me The Who's "My Generation" because it doesn't fit into "loud rock" hour. Yes, I totally argued with him about that.

Now I'm in the mood for either really hot porn or a joint and some hot sex. Considering how broad my reading list, I don't know which is more unlikely. I should go to bed as I have to be up at 8:30 a.m. Sleep is for losers.

Steve Holt!

P.S. [ profile] lornelover - my free DVDs arrived today. We must start marathon soon.

due South

Sep. 17th, 2005 10:28 pm
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I finished due South tonight. In the original run of the series, I saw most of S1 and S2, but that was a long time ago. I don't know why I'm cutting for a show that ended years ago, but I will anyway. Best series finale ever ) I have no deep thoughts. But now I feel I can read fic. I have this thing where I like to watch the show all the way through (or to the most recent) before reading the fic. Because mostly like I need another fandom to read fic in.

Tomorrow, I'm working on my box project all day. It's this crazy puzzle thing that we have to make out of thick construction paper that can't have any negative space inside, has to be at least three pieces, and complex. Did I mention that I can't cut a straight line with a ruler and utility knife?

Have made brownies, took a bath, started to read the second part of Angels in America, read some fic, and am now watching "Calvary." My love for Angelus/Lilah snark touches my soul. Now I need to fix my desktop.

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