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Where did gingerannef go? She has that strike through her name. :(

Waiting for the outing today. Blah. Drinking Emergency C because I forgot my vitamins this morning. *makes face*

Need belt as pants are falling down.

I had a date with John last night. We went out for pizza at the newly moved/remodeled Pegasus Pizza on Alki. They have okay pizza, a nice thick crust, but otherwise, nothing to really write home about. However, they have excellent views of the water and their new building is like 100% better than their old one. Less pizza after kiddie sports games and more adults can go on casual dates here. After food, we drove around and looked at houses we couldn't ever afford.

Waiting on my supervisor...
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Jason freaked out when I made this dish as he'd never had anything but Kraft Mac'n'Cheese from a box. He was super suspicious to eat baked macaroni and cheese. But he liked it. I did find this recipe to be a tad bit salty, but most excellent for my craving of comfort food.

Mac'n'cheese )

Food Stuffs

Mar. 6th, 2008 09:37 pm
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Been doing some more cooking.

I made the Savory Indian Sweet Potatoes again. I realized that last time I used yams instead of sweet potatoes. *facepalm* Sweet potatoes make it sweeter and a little moisture. Still spicey and yummy.

Blue Cheese Gougers, Ginger Pear Muffins, Wild Mushroom Soup, Asparagus Soup, and Mom's Carrot Cake )

I also tried out my new-to-me bread machine with Krusty's pre-mixes for bread machines. The sourdough was pretty good, but I'm interested in trying homemade recipes. Anyone?
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] velvetwhip and [ profile] sweptawaybayou. I hope both of you lovely ladies are having wonderful days as you definitely deserve it.

My place is all arranged in its new order. [ profile] dogwoodblossom came over last night and she agrees that the new living room configuration is 100% of an improvement. It's amazing how much even adding another bookcase and getting a new tv stand helped out. I also spoiled myself with some of my birthday/Yule money and bought a really cool antique cedar trunk/chest to put at the foot of my bed.

Saturday was very much a I've been out of town and then sick and need to do life stuff type day. A lot of it was spent doing errands and then crashing that night as Jason's still a little sick. (I got a call from E wondering if I was still alive as I haven't been to the club in a week.)

We had breakfast/lunch at The Charlestown Cafe, which while famous for their clam chowder is not why we went there. It's very much an American type diner and reminded me of all those places my family ate after going to church. Apparently, a developer wants to tear it down and put a PetCo there and there were protest signs that said "People, not gerbils." I had the vegetarian eggs benedict, which included mushrooms, tomatoes, and spinach in addition to eggs, sauce, and English muffins. (BTW, my English friends, what are English muffins called in your part of the world? This was brought up over breakfast.) It also had fried red potatoes on the side. It was good in that it hit that greasy diner food need.

For dinner, we went to the Elliott Bay Brew Pub as I wanted a cheeseburger, fries, and beer. And omg, yummy. I will definitely be going back here and they're open pretty late. I had their house ale, Luna Weizen, and it was pretty good with a citrus after flavor. Jason had something really dark and smokey, which my face must've looked like Buffy's in "Life Serial" as Jason laughed a lot. I had the Crumbled Bleu & Bacon Burger with no bacon and a Gardenburger. It was perfectly greasy and tasty and the fries were also really big and golden brown. The fries were a little overly salty, but I love salty fries so it wasn't a huge deal for me.

On Sunday, Jason and I met up with my maternal grandma, aunt, uncle, and two little cousins yesterday for a dim sum lunch at House of Hong in the International District. It was Jason's first time meeting any of my family and my grandma was pretty excited as apparently I brag. He was surprised that my grandma hugged him goodbye.

Lunch itself was okay. They had hardly any vegetarian selections in their main dim sum choices so I ended up ordering vegetarian chow mien. Not the best I've had, but not the worst. The veggies were cooked well, but the noodles weren't quite right. Jason was a little weirded out by how that part of my family did dim sum considering that everyone left it up to my aunt to order. It was good in the way that she knew what was in everything, but bad in that she didn't want to order anything her picky children wouldn't eat and didn't consider that there were 5 adults and only 2 children at the table.

Post-lunch we hit the big thrift store over on Deerborn, looking for more furniture and stereo components. Jason scored with a bunch of comics and I found a 6-disc CD player, which was full of pretty decent CDs.

Dogwoodblossom came over for dinner and we went to Mashiko Restaurant, a Japanese sushi place. We had to wait to get in, but it was worth it. The tiny place is smartly decorated with a really cool salt water tank and it has awesome rules like chopsticks aren't drumsticks. I had their Veggie Assortment Sushi, which included umeshiso roll, kampyo roll, avocado nigiri, grilled asparagus nigiri, grilled shiitake nigiri, and inari. It was all really great and they had a wonderful assortment of vegetable nigiri. The only thing I did not like was the umeshiso roll as I discovered I hate shiso as I find it way too perfumey an herb. I made Jason and Dogwoodblossom try it and they weren't too fond of it either. It's definitely the best sushi place I've been to close to my house.

Then we went back to my place and introduced Jason to Firefly. He was surprised to find out that Jayne's a man and was disappointed that he wasn't wearing his hat yet. (I have a Jayne hat that my mom made me, which Jason thinks is just a silly hat since he hasn't seen the show.) Dogwoodblossom agrees with me that the original pilot is tl;dr and we had fun imaging what would happen post-movie with Joss' tropes and how River would meet a Reaver with a soul.

As Jason and I were laying in bed last night, he kind out of the blue says, "I can't believe Sheppard thinks he's Mr. Fantastic." My reaction was to hug him and go into a laughing fit. :D
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I love pizza and due to my garlic allergy, I have to be picky. I find that I can't eat at most commercial places due to their over-garlic-ing of the pizza sauce.

Most of these pizza places have several local restaurants.

Three local pizza parlors )
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Eating out has never been something I've done until recently. For those of you who don't know, I'm a vegetarian and I have some pretty horrific food allergies. Talk about me and food )

I want to start writing about the places that we eat at so I remember them. And so if I want to go back, I'll remember what the restaurant is called and can get directions if I don't remember where it was.

Places I highly enjoyed eating at )

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