Sep. 4th, 2010

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[ profile] mosca wrote me a brilliant fic for [ profile] femslash10 The Thing With Feathers (The Authority, Angie/Shen). It's super awesome. You should read it.


I found this post insightful on the ways fannish internet patterns are changing. Mostly because a lot of people on LJ tend to focus a lot on LJ vs DW.

That said, I will not post comments from flocked posts on Twitter or Facebook and expect you to do me the same courtesy. Same as I would not connect your LJ handle to your real life name and expect you to do the same for me.

Public posts are fair game, and they always have been.

If you want to post your comments from my public journal to Twitter or Facebook, whatever makes your feed boring or causes your grandma to wonder what "I'll be in my bunk" means.

If you want to link my public posts on your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, other blog, Delicious account, etc., again it's public.

I saw someone worried about homophobic or general bigot relatives of others popping up. Be assured that I treat all intolerant people (your grandma or my grandma) the same way. But I'd say the likelihood of that is slim to none, and more likely that your grandma's going to want to know why you're reading a fic with a pony play warning and can you please explain rimming to her.

Pingbacks are enabled, but screened, as I find them useful. I do agree that ones coming from flocked posts should be disabled in the general LJ functionality.


I'm going to go back to baking 2 pies and 1 cake. TTYL.

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