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In the school of not cool, Winston has decided to start humping my comforter. Specifically he prefers to hump Jason's and my feet, legs, side, whatever he can get while we're under said comforter. This is made worse by the fact that he jumps in bed with us about the time we're falling asleep. (Okay, Jason has totally slept through kitty humping.) But seriously, wtf cat?

The internet utterly failed at providing answers to the whys and how to stop it. Some people suggested perhaps the cat was bored; saw us as his mates and wanted attention; was really happy with life; was really depressed with life; smelled us having sex/masturbating which triggered his hormones; was having hormone problems; or was just being an animal. I washed the comforter's cover in hope of getting rid of any odors.

Feel free to laugh. My mom did when I called her.

In other news, if any of you Seattle friends are interested in joining me for my birthday celebration, details are in my last flocked post.

Got my first birthday card today, which was from my paternal grandma. She passive aggressively insulted me while praising my cousin. (Same cousin that I got into the Facebook argument over his Obama-as-Hilter default photo. He's now in the army and just completely basic training.) Of course, she's always favored those cousins and even when I was child, never really liked me. (I do think she loves me because that's what you do with family.) So I shouldn't expect any better.

I have Google Wave invites if anyone's looking for a hook-up. Let me know.
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