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Very Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] amaresu. Hope you had a lovely day.


I'm feeling much better. Still congested, but I haven't been feverish since last night.


Ciderpress has a lovely essay on the changing nature of fandom, particularly in relation to discussions about race, gender, sexual orientation, etc, as portrayed in fannish shows and fanworks.
People keep saying fandom has changed, like it's a surprise. [....] I think part of the reason fandom is changing is that who we are as individuals is constantly changing and our relationships with each other are constantly changing, deepening and evolving.


[ profile] asta77 gives a DragonCon report about the BSG panel. It primarily focuses on her and others' reactions to Aaron Douglas' claim of the scene where Tyrol strangles Tory as being his favorite one and many in the audience cheering about it. She also talks about her meeting with Mary McDonnell later (in the autograph booths) and asking for Mary's opinion based on her and Kate Vernon's shared sour faces at Aaron's comments and the crowd reaction.


On the eve of the Disney and Marvel news, a senior editor at Marvel reminds us all that comics are only for white male Americans. For good discussion, try [ profile] meganbmoore's post on it (mostly about gender and manga stereotypes) and on Racialicious' post (mostly about race).


And if you want to venture into the land of hate, historical inaccuracies, white people being pissed off about a black president, and bad spellings, check out the photos of Beck's 9/12 "teabaggers". (Politics aside, I don't actually think these people want a debate. At least, the only thing their signs prompted me to do was lock my door at night.)


To top it off with fannish news, Viggo Mortensen quits acting. Which will leave The Hobbit movies without Aragorn. Yes, I know Aragorn isn't in that book, but apparently, he might've been in the script as a tie-in for movie-only fans. The new films start actually filming soon.

on 2009-09-14 01:46 am (UTC)
trialia: River Song (Alex Kingston) drinking a cup of coffee. (Default)
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Yup, and that's another example of why I love Mary. Frankly, Aaron can be kind of an ass sometimes.

on 2009-09-24 08:36 pm (UTC)
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Yes, she is so awesome and is now on my list of sci-fi celebs I will see at cons. (I'm very picky.)

on 2009-09-14 01:53 am (UTC)
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I am deeply pleased to hear that my girl!crush on Mary McDonnell and general opinions on the show's sexism high tiding in 4.5 may have some support among the powerful ladies of the show. I feel better about going off about Tory's death in the book intro now.

on 2009-09-24 08:35 pm (UTC)
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Yes, she is very awesome. And I'm looking forward to reading your book.

on 2009-09-14 02:48 am (UTC)
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The photos scare the daylights out of me. How about "compulsary" spelling lessons for these folks? Throw in a history class at no extra charge.


on 2009-09-24 08:35 pm (UTC)
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I can understand some spelling mistakes on your homemade cardboard signs. What always gets me is the vinyl ones you know cost several hundreds of dollars.

History lessons indeed!

on 2009-09-14 05:37 am (UTC)
amaresu: Comic picture of Lex Luthor laughing 'Even Lex Luthor has birthdays' (cractionary_birthdays)
Posted by [personal profile] amaresu
Thank you! It was indeed good. I have a cardboard punch out Tardis model now. It's only half done, but it'll be awesome once completed.

on 2009-09-24 08:34 pm (UTC)
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I want to see pictures of this.

on 2009-09-14 03:08 pm (UTC)
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I made the mistake of driving over the bridge on Saturday, because I wanted to drop by the National Gallery. I didn't know the stupid anti-healthcare idiots were having a rally. However, I managed to grab a parking spot near my work building, which is two blocks from the Mall (so no, there weren't really that many of them -- the media exaggerates -- if you can find a parking spot as easily as I did, then there aren't that many protesters).

However, walking through the throngs of idiots to get to the museum was HORRIBLE. My wife and I held hands tightly and tried very hard not to get angry.

I find it funny and sad that many of the "we hate taxes" idiots were nevertheless availing themselves of tax-funded facilities such as Smithsonian's National Gallery, not only to view the art but also to use the restrooms.

After a while we escaped down to the sculpture gallery area because apparently the nude human form is too much for right-wingers to accept. It was nice and quiet down there.

on 2009-09-24 08:33 pm (UTC)
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I figured the crowds weren't as big as reported. (Especially when people found "photos" of 9/12 that were actually from Ted Kennedy's funeral.)

That would be so scary to be so near all that hate and stupidity.

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