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Michael Hogan guest starring on this week's Psych really made me realize just how much I miss him on my TV. I started to think I missed BSG, but then I thought about everything that made me pull my hair out. No, I just really missed Michael Hogan, who is one of three "celebrities" I completely admire & embarrassed myself in front of, but he was extra sweet about it. (All separate occasions.)

Cut for BSG spoilers, despite how long ago the series ended, & for this week's Psych & apparently some vague S4 new Who )

Yes, I spent the evening otherwise watching S3 DS9 and cutting out pieces for my cosplaying outfit for Emerald City Comic Con. (It's a surprise.)
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In lieu of a real updated...

The Hotness Meme (Female version than the male one) (snagged from [ profile] lyssie and [ profile] sweptawaybayou) Meme )

Then because I'm nerdy, I went and did the math.

Women -- Yes: 40%, Maybe: 14%, Blah: 19%, No: 7%, ?: 19%
Men -- Yes: 7%, Maybe: 16%, Blah: 45%, No: 17%, ? 14%

Yeah, pretty much aligns with my current sexual fantasies and preferences. I like pretty women and few men.

Though in defense of men, I don't think people in my fandoms had gotten ahold of that one. And as I'm (OCD, obsessive, completist) like that, I looked up actors names I didn't recognize and noticed there were a lot of Twilighters, which I don't read/watch and find them actors too young. (Yes, I know they're only a couple years younger than me. Not the point.) Dude, John Barrowman isn't even on there. How did fandom overlook that?

I tend to cross people out when I've been bugged to see if I like them & I don't and then am questioned. Though some people just get that so not my type cross out.
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Today's my 26th birthday. Had a singing voicemail from my mom and fake!daddy this morning. (Because I'm actually 7.) Loving and pancakes by master chef Jason. (Not at the same time.) Going to the movies with my local friends later today. Whee!
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In the school of not cool, Winston has decided to start humping my comforter. Specifically he prefers to hump Jason's and my feet, legs, side, whatever he can get while we're under said comforter. This is made worse by the fact that he jumps in bed with us about the time we're falling asleep. (Okay, Jason has totally slept through kitty humping.) But seriously, wtf cat?

The internet utterly failed at providing answers to the whys and how to stop it. Some people suggested perhaps the cat was bored; saw us as his mates and wanted attention; was really happy with life; was really depressed with life; smelled us having sex/masturbating which triggered his hormones; was having hormone problems; or was just being an animal. I washed the comforter's cover in hope of getting rid of any odors.

Feel free to laugh. My mom did when I called her.

In other news, if any of you Seattle friends are interested in joining me for my birthday celebration, details are in my last flocked post.

Got my first birthday card today, which was from my paternal grandma. She passive aggressively insulted me while praising my cousin. (Same cousin that I got into the Facebook argument over his Obama-as-Hilter default photo. He's now in the army and just completely basic training.) Of course, she's always favored those cousins and even when I was child, never really liked me. (I do think she loves me because that's what you do with family.) So I shouldn't expect any better.

I have Google Wave invites if anyone's looking for a hook-up. Let me know.
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At the tail end of National Coming Out Day, which makes me consider that it's been 10 years since I came out of the closet.

(I don't remember the exact day, but I do remember it was mid-October when I came out/was outed due to parental snoopage to everyone in my small world at 15-years-old. Traumatic at the time, but rather farcical today. Today's a good enough day for celebration.)

For those of you who aren't clear, I'm bisexual or pansexual or whatever word means that my attractions aren't based on what's between or not between someone's legs. Of course, my sexuality is far more complex than the gender of my partners, which is why I prefer the word queer over anything else.

I'm out to everyone who matters, and everyone else can just guess at what comes out of my mouth or who I'm with. (Sometimes, I find my own sexuality's far more interesting in people's minds than reality; then other times, it's a lot more boring.) I struggle to be out and proud while having a primary male partner and not completely be enveloped by heterosexual privilege. Though being polyamorous, which I'm being more and more open about, means I do see women.

I have far too many thoughts on my own sexuality for this post. Everything from being slurred at by being called a dyke to constant annoyance at being asked when I'm getting married have ground me into the person I am today. As is my refusal to go back into the closet and all the great supportive, fun, and lovely people I've met.

Instead, I'll leave you with what novelist and comic book author Greg Rucka wrote in an introduction for a coming out story, "Ordinary people have secret identities, too."
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Very Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] amaresu. Hope you had a lovely day.


I'm feeling much better. Still congested, but I haven't been feverish since last night.


Ciderpress has a lovely essay on the changing nature of fandom, particularly in relation to discussions about race, gender, sexual orientation, etc, as portrayed in fannish shows and fanworks.
People keep saying fandom has changed, like it's a surprise. [....] I think part of the reason fandom is changing is that who we are as individuals is constantly changing and our relationships with each other are constantly changing, deepening and evolving.


[ profile] asta77 gives a DragonCon report about the BSG panel. It primarily focuses on her and others' reactions to Aaron Douglas' claim of the scene where spoiler for BSG finale ) as being his favorite one and many in the audience cheering about it. She also talks about her meeting with Mary McDonnell later (in the autograph booths) and asking for Mary's opinion based on her and Kate Vernon's shared sour faces at Aaron's comments and the crowd reaction.


On the eve of the Disney and Marvel news, a senior editor at Marvel reminds us all that comics are only for white male Americans. For good discussion, try [ profile] meganbmoore's post on it (mostly about gender and manga stereotypes) and on Racialicious' post (mostly about race).


And if you want to venture into the land of hate, historical inaccuracies, white people being pissed off about a black president, and bad spellings, check out the photos of Beck's 9/12 "teabaggers". (Politics aside, I don't actually think these people want a debate. At least, the only thing their signs prompted me to do was lock my door at night.)


To top it off with fannish news, Viggo Mortensen quits acting. Which will leave The Hobbit movies without Aragorn. Yes, I know Aragorn isn't in that book, but apparently, he might've been in the script as a tie-in for movie-only fans. The new films start actually filming soon.
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I have the best flist in the world. Most all these links were collected from flisters.


Check out [ profile] cereta's post On rape and men (Oh yes, I'm going there) if you missed it when she posted it in June. (I missed it.) She talks about need for men to be pro-active to stop or prevent rape and to call their buddies on it when they're being sexist assholes/rapists/sexual predators.

Because men raping women is systemic, and cultural, and yes it is the patriarchy and it is misogyny and it is men thinking they are entitled to women's bodies.
She also asks people to leave stories about the times when men have done the right thing and times they have not. And comments go on to why doing the right thing needs to be a standard of living, not something we pass out cookies for. Obviously, this will be triggery for some.


In other things that make my skin crawl: Gym Gunman Was Not Alone: The Making Of A Misogynist Murderer (Jezebel). For those of you who haven't been following some asshole thought it would be awesome to open fire in a gym and gun down several women. He premeditately posted about it on his blog, along with many misogynist commenters joining in his rants. His post often lamented about his lack of girlfriend, loneliness, and condemned every woman who'd turned him down as silly animals.

In Jezebel's post about it, several male commenters note that they don't understand how to talk to women. Hint: Just like you would any other person. This leads to [ profile] inlovewithnight laying it out on why socially awkward men aren't entitled a 'dating women' 101. And how, gee, men aren't the only ones who are socially awkward.


Stultiloquentia points out the problems with exotic dance and the word 'exotic' as an othering in her IBARW post.

What the language there is doing is shoving our own slightly "shameful," slightly taboo desires onto somebody else. We civilized people have no sexy dance. Sex gets exoticized, and then before you know it that means the exotic gets sexualized, and then you get things like U.S. senators thinking it's okay to crack jokes about loving being in a room full of "Asian babes" at a journalism conference. Or large chunks of Persian history and culture getting reduced to "Salome Fantasy w/ Throw Pillows and Random Peacock."

Due to the misinformation media bath that is Obama's Health Care Reform. (I completely agree with Jon Stewart's comments about how Obama's addresses have sighs of 'really, who the hell is believing this death panels thing?')

In a look for the truth, [ profile] liz_marcs wants to know your real life experiences -- good and bad -- with both the American Health Care system and non-US National Health Care systems. Those from the US comment here and those not from the US comment here.

More Health Care fun )


Coffeeandink links up discussions of racism and homophobia from WriterCon and WorldCon. This is why it's time to *listen* instead of talk. (Warnings: Lots of comments on the linked posts are full of FAIL.)


Don't buy books by sci-fi author John C. Wright, who outraged that LGBT people exist, especially in sci-fi tv, and equates queerness with bestiality, among other lovely comparisons.

Or if you don't want to lose your lunch, [ profile] seize shares of the secrets of queer people. Dammit, now the cat's out of the bag. Guess we'll have to change the passwords now.


SGU is hitting the FAIL button in all directions: ableism, heterosexism, racism, and misogyny. Spoilers for characters and situations. Triggers for rape )


To end on a happier note, check out President Obama awarding the Presidential Medals of Freedom. Truly inspiring.

New Kitty!

Aug. 15th, 2009 07:57 pm
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Today, Jason started buying kitty supplies at Target and then drove to the shelter. Surprise kitty!

Picture of me and the kitty )

He needs a new name as his shelter-name was lame. He's six-years-old and was surrendered to the shelter when his owner failed to pick him up from the pet sitter. He's terrified of dogs and not so fond of lots of commotion. He's very curious and quickly explored our entire house. He also loves to be petted and brushed. All four of his paws have been de-clawed (horrific thing to do to a cat) so he's strictly indoors. He was perfect on the car ride home.


ETA: Kitty has a name: Winston Zeddemore
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First, meme: Ask me my fannish Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post.

To those who got recent friending notices from me due to [ profile] writercon, my short bio:

Geeky pansexual/queer polyamorous cisgendered kinky 20-something pagan white woman with a liberal arts degree, but working on the internet. My ideal job is a starship captain. :)

I never really give up a fandom, which has included comic books (mainstream and indy, particularly about superheroes), BtVS, AtS, TOS, TNG, DS9, V, new Who, TW, SJA, SGA, Psych, due South, Firefly, BSG, Big Love, B5, Grey's Anatomy, House, etc. I haven't written fic in a while, but used to be very prolific. I write every category: gen, f/f, m/m, and m/f and variations within. The character I've written the most pieces about is most likely Charles Gunn from AtS and someday I will finish my 100 stories. I mod over at [ profile] sg_femslash.

I read a lot, watch tv, like to cook, and am actively in my local (Seattle) bdsm community. I have a primary partner named Jason who lives with me (flocked entry about his awesomeness). I have pet envy and miss the gazillion animals I had as a child on a ranch in rural Oregon.

I post quite a bit about my RL under the flock, including RL social media fun, and expect that to be respected. I have a filter to talk about personal bdsm stuff. Otherwise, most everything else is out in the open. If you're on the flist, I read your journal.

Hi. :)
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All about my adventures at [ profile] writercon: More fangirling (and fanboying) fun )Overall, I had lots of fun and would definitely go to [ profile] writercon again. And suggest that you do too.

If anyone has photos of me, I'd love to have them!


Aug. 1st, 2009 07:09 pm
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At WriterCon and posting from my phone. Everything and everyone has been lovely. Will type more when there's a full keyboard in front of me.

Wish you were here and don't break the interwebs!

Post from mobile portal
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I'm very much ready to go to WriterCon. I can almost taste vacation. That said, I feel enormously out-of-touch with fandom. Most of my fannish shows have ended, and it's been almost a year since I've put out a single piece of fanfic and many months since I've read any fanfic. (Unless you count comic books.)

It's not that I don't watch the shows or know the lingo. I certainly saw the new Star Trek movie, and as Trek was my first fandom, I can Vulcan hand greeting with the best of them. I might've never seen the HP movies or read the books, but I can tell you the big spoilers and who all the characters all and what they're about. I can tell you all about what I thought of CotE and how Catherine Tate should've been Scotty in the new Trek movie.

Mostly, it's feeling out-of-touch and out-dated. Like I am Angel playing Barry Manilow on that jukebox... (That scene will never not be funny.) I don't know the who-is and whats-is. I'm sure that very big BNF that's been in fandom for less than 2 years is going to be my stranger. When people ask me what I write or what fandoms I'm in, I don't even know what to say. Besides like "hey, I'm pretty sure I had an I <3 LA shirt like She-Hulk in the '80s" while they're trying to sell me on bandfandom.

It's funny because this is kind of how I felt the first time I went to WriterCon. Except that maybe I'll have something of a reputation (I can be a h8ter) or maybe no one will know who the hell I am. (Good thing is that if they don't know me; I probably don't know them either.)

And it's silly in a way because I *know* a lot of you who are going. I'm rooming with three lovely women, whom I adore, and one of whom has been a best friend for seven years.

I'll just be over here watching TNG. It's all just traveling nerves.
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Been in one of those nesting/homebody moods lately. Or that I had to read Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. and make Jason watch The Devil Wears Prada with me to cleanse my pallet after too much Daredevil. One should not mix emo Daredevil can only talk to one girl at a time sadness with Warren Ellis hates America and the War on Terror with Anne Hathaway girly goop.

In the plus note of life, met up with [ profile] ion_bond for lunch as she was visiting my fair city. (Because like a cheesy superhero, I lay claim to where I live.) Fun times were had by all.

10 Pairings Meme Read more... )
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[ profile] amaresu and myself are looking for a place to stay for [ profile] writercon. We're planning on checking in Thursday night and leaving sometime on Sunday. We're good roomies who are mostly looking for a place to sleep, shower, and store our luggage. We're both pan-fandom people so at least one of us will be able to speak your lingo. Plus, [ profile] amaresu is native to Minneapolis and can give tips on where to go in the city. I can only provide tips on how to make that kink fic more realistic.

Comment here or e-mail me at viciouswishes at if you have a place.
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Who's going to [ profile] writercon? I'll be there.

If you're still on the fence, [ profile] harmonyfb is offering a little bribe of hand-spun yarn for those registering in the next two weeks.

I went the last two times and had a blast. WriterCon is my favorite convention as it's all about interacting with your fellow fans and geeking out for an entire weekend. It started as a Buffyverse fanfic con, but as fandoms have diverged (even among the people who run it), it's adapted to fit the interests of all fandoms. Wish you lived closer to your flisters? WriterCon is a great way to experience that for a weekend.

I've been to bigger conventions with famous actors. I went to San Diego Comic Con in 2007 with 10,000 other people and the casts of BSG and SGA and Robert Downy Jr. It was fun. But nothing has ever surpassed my positive, squee-worthy experiences at WriterCon.

You can read about my times at WriterCon 2004 (part 1) (part 2) and WriterCon 2006 (part 1) and (part 2).
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1. Good job, Dreamwidth, with your beta and creating a supply and demand chain. Fandom wants what it can't have all of and, thus, it wants it even more. Relax, it's just marketing; fannish content isn't going to dry up and die on LJ and you aren't going to be left out in the cold in a Dickens' novel.

2. In the same way, I did not move to IJ, there is a very slim (.003%) chance I will move to Dreamwidth. (Don't have a code and am perfectly okay with that. Though I might username squat at some point.) Even slimer that I'd desert my LJ.

3. I'm a cynic. I don't believe in Dreamwidth or fandom in the way many of you do. And that's cool if you do as that's your thing. I've just read too much race wank to clap my hands.

4. Good job, BNFs (and others), in disabling LJ comments, but still cross-posting and forcing LJ users to go to Dreamwidth to interact with you. The reasons IJ did not catch fire (except in crazy HP circles and some other fringe groups we liked to sweep under the rug anyway) is because the majority of people did not move with them. BNFs, in particular, are not going to use a new service if their audience doesn't travel with them. Starting from scratch, with no reputation and readers, is a motherfucker.

5. But sorry, #4s, won't be following you anymore on LJ. If you're only on Dreamwidth, then you're not reading my journal either and you're blocking me from commenting on what I read, thus our interaction ceases to exist on LJ. Social networks are about interactions. Some of us are not here just for the porn. Porn's just the whip cream.

6. Have a permanent account here. I really don't have issues with our Russian overlords. I have to actually see that a service is better before I'll use it. The whole friends vs reading list/subscription thing is not really a sell for me because I have no problem defriending people even if I have to see you every day in RL.

7. In an effort to work on other parts of my life, I have social networking tendrils on LJ, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Fetlife, local bdsm club's social network, Flickr, Delicious (two accounts -- fannish and non-fannish), FoodBuzz, an overfull Google reader, and three blogs hosted under my RL name. I really don't have time for another thing.

8. Call me when it's September and we can talk about this social experiment.
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20 things meme
[ profile] arundhathi tagged me. You can do it if you're reading this. If you've been tagged, you are supposed to write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new, original question.

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