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Hello, Femslash10 Writer,

As you can probably see from my smattering of pairings, I'm not attached to any one pairing in a fandom. It's a big femslash party. I'm a variety is the spice of life reader so feel free to run with the story. I like plot-driven stories as well as good character studies. I'm attracted to the "strong" woman type of character, the smart ass, and the ones who take care of themselves. Relationship can be established in the fic or established before the fic, even if they aren't canon. I'm okay with G-rated romance to NC-17 porn. If you go with more porn, I read porn ranging from fluffy vanilla rose-petal kisses to hardcore bdsm. My only real porn preference is I like reading about consensual sex only, thanks. Otherwise, the pen is your oyster.

Buffyverse - Is an old fandom I still love and those ladies are my favorites.

Doctor Who -- Is a new thing for me. I don't read a lot of fic in it (though obviously, I'll read yours, if you write Who fic!). Donna is pretty much my perfect companion for the Doctor and I loved her as a Time Lord and hated what RTD did to her. I also adore Sarah Jane, Martha, Jackie, River, and Liz X.

DC -- I love the Batverse and mostly have read Rucka's, Brubaker's, Simone's, and Andreyko's comics. I love the amazing woman who've come out of them. Backstories, future stories, current stories, it's comics and all good. Kate Kane is not just my Batwoman; she's my Batman choice.

Marvel Comics (Avengers) -- I love Dan Slott's She-Hulk and Ellis' Nextwave. I enjoyed Brian Reed's Ms Marvel and Bendis' New Avengers. Also loved Bendis' Alias and Spider-Woman series. I like the moments were they all hang out together and do life stuff together. I like small-scope Marvel stories after reading too many events. I've read some of the older Avengers' comics and She-Hulk's so don't be afraid of putting history in, if you want.

Mad Men -- Obviously, I adore Joan. I love the historical dedication of Mad Men. I've only seen the first two seasons so I'd prefer fic with no spoilers for S3.

Authority -- The ladies from the Authority just don't get as much love as the boys. Jenny/Swift is cannon too, dammit. I do love all of the Authority and have read all their stories from Ellis' Stormwatch to current times: the great, the awful, and the okay. If there was ever need for a fix it fic...

Anyhow, thanks for writing me a story. I'm sure it will be fantastic.
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