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Title: Before the Snow Clears
By: viciouswishes
For: shakegirl
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy/House
Pairing: Bailey and House
Setting: Pre-series
Rating: PG13
Words: 1028
Request: Grey's/House crossover, House and Baily have a conversation about Christkwanzmakah with a silent Yule.
Summary: Bailey sits on her ass in Terminal B, staring at an animatronic ruddy-nosed reindeer.

Before the Snow Clears )
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Title: Welcome to Princeton, Dr. Model
Author: viciouswishes
For: chantal87
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy/House
Pairing: Izzie and House
Setting: GA S4 and House S4
Rating: PG
Words: 438
Request: House/Greys
Summary: Gone to Princeton. May not be back. Ever. xxoo, Izzie.

Welcome to Princeton, Dr. Model )
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Title: Painters and Patients
Author: viciouswishes
Beta: spartacusjones
Fandom: House/SGA
Pairing: Cameron/Lorne
Rating: NC17
Setting: during-"One Day, One Room" (House) and post-"Sunday" (SGA)
Words: 3,218
Summary: Sequel to Points of Separation, Evan comes back to her.

Painters and Patients )
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Title: Zombification or Keith Richard's Body Double
Author: viciouswishes
Fandom: Buffyverse/House
Rating: PG13
Pairing: none, House
Words: 1881
Summary: Zombies come to the Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

Zombification or Keith Richard's Body Double )
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Title: Occupied
Author: viciouswishes
For: cupiecake
Fandom: House
Pairing: Cameron/Cuddy
Rating: G
Setting: S3
Prompt: Cameron/Cuddy, get quarantined (or locked in some sort of room) together
Words: 100
Summary: They're stuck in an elevator.

Occupied )
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Title: Points of Separation
Author: viciouswishes
Fandom: House/SGA
Pairing: Cameron/Lorne
Rating: NC17
Setting: Pre-S3 House and During-"The Return Part 1"
Words: 2226
Summary: They met two months before he was assigned to Atlantis.

Points of Separation )
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Title: Keeps Me Searching
Author: viciouswishes
Fandoms: Angel/House
Pairing: Lilah/Stacy
Setting: pre-series
Rating: NC17
Words: 660
Request: Stacy/Lilah, heart of gold
Summary: For Fouth of July Femslash Porn Battle, Lilah comes to see if Stacy's ready yet.

Keeps Me Searching )
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Title: Stupidity Leads to Dysentery
Author: viciouswishes
Fandom: House
Rating: PG
Setting: Post-"House vs. God"
Pairing: Grace/Wilson and House/Wilson
Words: 272
Summary: For [ profile] lornelover, House explains why people are stupid or stupider than usual.

Stupidity Leads to Dysentery )
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Title: Bros Before Hos: Two Heterosexual Life Partners in Love
Author: viciouswishes
Beta: tx_cronopio
Fandom: House
Pairing: House/Stacey, House/Wilson, and Julie/Wilson
Rating: PG13
Setting: Post-"Need to Know"
Words: 1334
Summary: House shares the unpredictability of the universe with Wilson over hockey, bitching, strippers, and beer.

Bros Before Hos: Two Heterosexual Life Partners in Love )
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Tonight's House )

I'm almost finished with my holiday ficlet requests. (Four more to go!) However, I need betas for two fics that got away from me. One is a Buffyverse/due South crossover with slight Buffy/Spike (mostly Buffyverse canon and completely from Buffy's POV, so due South knowledge not needed as much) and the other is Buffy/Wesley.

Guy shot by Cheney has a heart attack due to a bullet traveling to his heart.

Later, there will be stuff about Bob the Fandom Troll and me.

Since I don't smile a lot, a final thought from tonight's Boston Legal (from a child client): "Everyone's always telling girls to smile. No one tells boys to smile."
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Title: #17 Doesn't Bite
Author: viciouswishes
For: [ profile] chantal87
Fandom: Buffyverse/House
Pairing: House/Spike
Rating: PG
Setting: pre-series House and post-"Initiative" BtVS
Words: 459
Request: Spike/House (x-over slash)
Summary: Spike never escaped the Initiative and Maggie Walsh never died.

#17 Doesn't Bite )
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Tonight's House: Need to Know )

Oh, David E. Kelley and his using Boston Legal and Murphy Brown for his political protests. I get teary sometimes.

My closing thought: "Anyone who's against breasts is against life itself." – Denny Crane
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Title: The First Patient
Author: viciouswishes
For: [ profile] cupiecake
Beta: My mom
Fandom: House
Pairing: None. Just House.
Setting: Pre-series, 1969 to be exact.
Rating: G
Words: 1661
Request: Have House be crying. maybe over a kitty.
Summary: Greg always wanted to be a drummer like Keith Moon.
A/N: While I don't generally lock fiction, I am using this in an original fiction non-profit project and am taking extreme precautions for the moment.

The First Patient )
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Title: Post-Residency
Author: viciouswishes
For: [ profile] wisdomeagle
Fandom: House
Pairing: Cuddy/House
Rating: G
Setting: pre-series
Words: 219
Request: House/Cuddy, studying
Summary: The first time Lisa met the infamous Dr. House, he'd just completed his residency and she was still in hers.

Post-Residency )
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Title: A Bar in Jersey
Author: viciouswishes
For: [ profile] miniera
Fandom: Buffyverse/House
Pairing: House/Spike
Setting: Post-"NFA" and Early S1 House
Rating: G
Words: 527
Request: House/Spike, no death or sadness
Summary: Spike and House meet in a bar and House decides that Spike is far too pale.

A Bar in Jersey )
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Title: Wallow With Me
Author: viciouswishes
For: [ profile] nolivingman
Fandom: House
Pairing: Cuddy/Wilson
Rating: G
Setting: Post-"Babies & Bathwater."
Words: 234
Request: Drs. Cuddy and Wilson. Gin & tonics.
Summary: Cuddy goes to remind Wilson that he still has his job.

Wallow With Me )
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Title: Christmas by the Rolling Stones
Author: viciouswishes
For: [ profile] mireille719
Fandom: House
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: PG13
Setting: Post-"Deception."
Words: 159
Request: House. And Wilson, or Foreman. Pairing or not, just as long as it's snarky. And possibly with a holiday theme.
Summary: Wilson spends another Christmas with House.

Christmas by the Rolling Stones )

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