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Just trying to sort out arguing with Jason...

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Updated my personal fandom website -- new layout too -- and renamed it Vicious Wishes' Fandom Corner. Jason got to deal with code-head this weekend and lots of Star Trek: TOS. We're almost finished with S1.
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Answers to the Five Associations Meme )
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Since my journal has been non-stop bitching, freaking out, and being upset train, let's go for something happier. Memes.

Tell me five random things you associate with me and I will elaborate on them in another post. If you can't come up with five, whatever number you want is fine.

Now I will go watch videos on YouTube about Knut, the cutest ice bear ever. Or let Jason watch Top Chef. I do have good news in that Jason passed his big test and only has to write a paper to finish the whole process. Yay.
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I've been flogging this dead horse now for 6 years. Or is that writing the true tales of a sadistic bitch who wants to read comics all day and largely left alone? Errr... Except when I have those moments where I demand company and transform into a social butterfly.

Six years has been long time to record my feelings. I've always kept private, hand-written journals, but this has been a more-or-less public or at least shared space. This was the first place that I really journaled about my day-to-day activities. (My teenage journals were often ransacked by my parents and were mostly filled with poetry to keep them off my trail.)

This is also the first place online where I really made friends. Sure, I'd been on message boards and mailing lists, but this was it.

Despite that I use other services -- Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress Blogs, etc. -- and have put myself into other non-fandom online communities, I keep coming back here. I do it because of all of you, who keep me entertained when I'm bored, who keep me thinking when my brain's gone to mush, who offer hugs when I need one, who have been there through every twist and turn when I've needed it the most. (FYI: if you're on my flist, I read your journal every day.) And I hope that I have done the same for you.

I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. Thanks to all of you.
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Spoilers )


Previews )

In a non-spoilery, slightly related way, Lucy Lawless gets her sexy school girl on. Hot.
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Today, I am not spending any time away from my bathroom. I knew the meds would upset my stomach even with food. But...

I've sent Jason out into the world to forage for things we need. Like Gatorade. And stamps. And I'm doing work stuff from home.

At least, Stephen King brings some entertainment today. Or more likely, the Twilight fans who are so insulted that he thinks SMeyer's writing is terrible.

My favorite comments are the ones asking how many books King has sold and that he's jealous of SMeyer's popularity. Or that he doesn't like her because she's a woman. And this gem (typos and all) by Edwardsluv:
WOW! Dont be hating on another author. This is just plan rude. All he had to do was say i didnt like the books. Big deal then you didnt like them. But to say that another writer cant wite worth a damn is just plan low. Maybe King should remeber the saying if you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all. I dont see anyone hating on Stephen King. Every author has a different writing style. At this time Twilight is probably one of the most know saga out there next to harry potter of course. And not just teenage girls love the books. People who read these books are all different ages and even genders. NO ONE is perfect were all different so get over yourself King. The Twilight books are easy to read which isnt a bad thing at all. A book is really about the story anyways not the style it is written it.

Never change, Twilight fans.

Okay, must continue working...
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Way more exciting than...Abscess. Unless you don't like Dick Van Dyke, which he shares a birthday with me so that's something.

The abscess in the back of my mouth has prolonged a viral infection, which should've been gone last week. It was also causing the GI upset. Thus, I am now on antibiotics to kill the abscess dead. And I have a follow up appointment next week to make sure it's gone.

0_0 -- Jason is just orating Wolverine/Thor from Thor's POV. I'm going to go hide now.
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Seriously, pancake eating news is good news.

Cut for sick TMI )

I supposed I should probably call my mom and fake!daddy as this weekend is Superbowl Weekend and thus my fake!daddy's birthday. I'm not sure what day it actually is, just that he always has a SB party for it. But I'm in kind of a weird thinking about the past mood, which may not be conducive to talking with my mom.
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+ Home with a fever, which means there's me and couch and TNG DVD time. Wow, there are so many are machines human? episodes.

+ For the record, cultural appropriation is bad. Pope Benedict letting Holocaust deniers back into the priesthood and Catholic Church, also bad.

+ Big Love continues to rock. Spoilers )

+ When snuggling this morning, Jason accused me of thinking about snuggling with President Obama instead of him. (We were listening to the news.) Then he admitted that he was thinking about snuggling with Obama too.

+ There was snow on the ground this morning. Not anymore.

+ I keep seeing things like [ profile] thelittlebang and all of the other current femslash discussions and thinking I have thoughts, but feeling such a general fandom disconnect.

+ I should never talk on the phone.
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Ask me anything: all types of fannish opinions, good, bad, and ugly. I'm screening all comments so ask me anything fannish-related and I'll answer (in a separate post) with complete honesty.

Fannish involvement:

BtVS, AtS, BSG, SGA, TOS, TNG, DS9, V, Psych, Big Love, B5, Arrested Development, House, dS, Marvel, DC, Fables, The Authority, Y: The Last Man, Lord of the Rings, X-Files, QaF, Dr. Who (new), Sarah Jane Adventures, Firefly, Oz, Slings & Arrows, Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, SG-1, Weeds, and really anything else you can remember me talking about. And don't forget there's always my thoughts on yaoi.

Ask as few or as many questions as you would like.
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+ Doing much better emotionally.

+ Still thinking about Friday's BSG episode. I think I need to rewatch the ending as certain company wouldn't STFU during the *spoiler*.

+ Bunny is now with his parents. Which means I need to finish cleaning my house.

+ Went to a Moroccan restaurant last night. Had never had Moroccan food before. It was great, though a bit melancholy as it was a going away party.

+ Also went out to the club. It was superhero night. I went as Jen Walters. :D

+ Jason has left me for my own devices today.

+ Saw The Wrestler yesterday. It was really good, but sad.

+ Have a stack of comics to read. And some TV to catch up on, but I must wait for Jason.
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Working on an original novel that's from the main character's POV. The main character's mother figures in a big part of it. I'm realizing that every time I refer to her in the text, it's as "his mother" and that it's a little clunky, but that's how he thinks of her. He definitely doesn't call her by her first name. Advice? Thoughts?
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Vegas and Final one )

Okay, now I will watch Psych. Which is awesome and you'll should watch it. It's a funny buddy cop show, only about a fake psychic and his bff (and boyfriend).
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1. The people in my office have the worst tastes in music. (Music is assorted stuff downloaded off iPods.) I get that we all have guilty pleasure music, but that doesn't mean you need to inflict the office with it. Thankfully, I made my right earbud start working again.

2. Bunnies are adorable. Nib, the little one I'm bunny-sitting, is totally addicted to corn chips. He tried to eat my ice cream cone last night because he thought the crunching was a corn chip.

3. Excel spreadsheets as project management and planning calendars in the corporate world is so out-of-date. And annoyingly tedious. I do not approve.

4. My office plant is invading my desk.

5. The awesome calendar [ profile] lornelover got me has already gotten one dirty look in the office.

6. There is no 6.

7. I think I'm going to bake another pie tonight. Or maybe two.

ETA 8. My grandma has a Facebook. It's weird.

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