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Michael Hogan guest starring on this week's Psych really made me realize just how much I miss him on my TV. I started to think I missed BSG, but then I thought about everything that made me pull my hair out. No, I just really missed Michael Hogan, who is one of three "celebrities" I completely admire & embarrassed myself in front of, but he was extra sweet about it. (All separate occasions.)

Specifically, I started to think about how much I missed Saul Tigh and why he was totally better Adama. Had Adama been a Cylon, he would've cried and drank himself into a corner and broke up with his girlfriend. Tigh was already drinking and soldiered on to figure out WTF RDM's "plan" was. (Yeah, I don't know either, Saul. Polar bear?)

Now I'm thinking how awesome it would be if Saul and Ellen where the 11th Doctor's companions. Young Doctor, older companions who are always sexing it up and partying all over the galaxy. Don't forget how they run into their Cylon children. Cavil as the leader of the Cybermen and Six becoming the Goddess of the Daleks. Then in the ultimate war between the Cybermen and the Daleks, Athena shows up trying to stop the war, but can't without the help of Donna and Three, who school the Doctor, because he was too busy trying to comprehend how the Tighs could be from Earth, but older than him. Also just how Ellen's hand always ends up on his bum.

Anyhoo...I nailed Michael Hogan as playing the villain as soon as he showed up. Jason says it's not fair if I know the guest star. He was a cantankerous fisherman who survived a shark bite & murdered someone. Then he went after the shark. That's right, Colonel Tigh was working on reeling in the shark that bite him, with only his flimsy fishing rod.

Yes, I spent the evening otherwise watching S3 DS9 and cutting out pieces for my cosplaying outfit for Emerald City Comic Con. (It's a surprise.)
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