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First, take the time to read LeVar Burton's confession: My Living Nightmare Of Encouraging Kids To Read Is Over (from The Onion, sadly, not written by LeVar himself). I spent a good 15 minutes just laughing.

Long time, no see. Hopefully all links are still active as some of these I read a long time ago. Standard disclaimer: Fics may be brilliant or just hit my kinks. Enjoy.


Adama/Ellen/Tigh and Adama/Roslin/Tigh

Good Liars by anonymous_sibyl
Sometimes, you just need something to live for.

Athena/Six, Baltar/Six, and Six/m

The name of this story is your name. by beccatoria
Six goes through life, stuck to this rock.


Like 'End of the World' Still Counts as a Reason by pirateygoodness
A new twist on strip triad...


Anya and Willow

Svartalfar and Demons and Bunnies! Oh, my! by havocthecat and medie
Anya and Willow are transported to Sweden, despite no pining for fjords.


Of the Corvidae by Lori
Anya might've been dumped, but someone else needs her.


There, You Dance As Well As Fred Astaire by callmesandy
Anya turns up in a world similar to her own and meets the wrong/right man.


Warm by likeadeuce
There's something about Buffy that makes Fred think of all the pretty blonde girls she'd fucked.


Fly Away On My Way by callmesandy
Gunn and Wesley are tired of the smell of their new place.

DC Comics


Prowling by rysler
College student, Kate drops by at 3 am to see Renee, who's just out of the academy and they both learn a little more about the civil duty to protect people.

due South


Straight Lines by Jane Davitt
Fraser borrows Ray's ruler, and it all seemed so innocent.

Freaks and Geeks


Stray by June
This is why Kim Kelly became more awesome than you.

Marvel Comics

Danny Rand/Luke Cage

Steady by dirty_diana
Luke's there when Danny needs him.



When Gus Met Shawn (and She-Ra) by jesshelga
You just can't break some holiday TV traditions between best friends.

Two Plus Roo by Waldo
The duo gets their toughest case yet, babysitting for the Chief.

Fortune Is On Our Side by emptythreat
Shawn must rescue Gus from his family vacation and multi-task to keep his Tamagotchi alive.


Callum Keith Rennie/Katie Sackoff

Not The Ocean by dirty diana
They make him feel old and remind him that he doesn't like to be tied down.

Dan Didio, Devon Grayson, Frank Miller, and Gail Simone

The Adventures of Mistress Gail and the Unfortunate Fates of Dan DiDio and Frank Miller by pervyficgirl
Tongue-in-cheek story about Gail Simone getting some revenge for all the women in comics and who read them.

Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett and David Hewlett/everyone else

Falling is the easy part by Katarin
There's a difference between crushes and real connections.

Joe Flanigan/Torri Higginson

Lights All Faded by anr
Torri's not sure if she's just in denial about the show and about Joe.

Remind Me How This Ends by Amatia
Sometimes you just fail at keeping in touch.

Rachel Luttrell/Torri Higginson

Spring Summer Feeling by sugargroupie
I'm going to miss these people, Torri thinks.

Stephen Colbert/Jon Stewart

Days of Future Past by sparkofmyteens
How they spend the holidays together with the TV remote.

The Strange and Not Entirely Ineffective Courting of Jon Stewart by Stephen T. Colbert by Sparky77
10 steps to their relationship finally coming together.


Atlantis/Weir and Sheppard/Weir

The Warmth of Heaven by havocthecat
Elizabeth is always fascinated by what the Ancients left behind.

Katie Brown

As a Tree Grows by poisontaster
She stays calm in the mist of Atlantis.


Just Another Day by havocthecat
There are reasons why Cadman delivers unknown Ancient tech to Miko and not McKay.


Never Bend with the Rainfall by monanotlisa
Keller brings Teyla flowers and finds unforeseen, but not unwelcome, cultural significant.


Arm's Length by Blade
Ronon moves on from his crush.


Where Will We Hide? by wojelah
Teyla has a trying day that ends in a helping hand.


Won With Sacrifice by Shane Vansen
John's worried about how much Elizabeth's changed since her time with the Asurans.


The Hidden Lore of Old Ocean by havocthecat
No one is what they say they are.

There Is No Fucking in Hades by Mirabile Dictu
Elizabeth goes on a rescue mission to find Teyla and Teyla has forgotten who she is.



The Torchwood Widower by Erin Giles
A look at how Torchwood has impacted Rhys' life.

Ugly Betty


No Place Like Home by technosage
Amanda comes to terms about just what family is.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Valentine's Day, a Fantastic Fourth, and a Rockin' Cinco de Mayo, Betty Suarez! by krabapple
With every holiday, they get closer.




Into the Unknown by wesleysgirl
John discovers vampires and more.
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