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So yes, I was spoiled for this episode. Spoiled by NPR as I didn't get around to watching the episode until two nights after it'd aired. Wednesday morning as I laid in bed contemplating what I was going to wear, NPR played the clip where House says that Kutner killed himself with a shot gun to the head. Thanks, NPR, for not just saying that Kal Penn got a cool job with the Obama administration and is leaving House, but for royally spoiling me.

If I was Penn, I'd leave House too. Kutner was the most underdeveloped character on the show. Okay, maybe he and Coma Guy had about equal development. But more about that later.

Going in and knowing what was going to happen jaded me for this episode. I might've cried like a little bitch, but I didn't. Suicide just always hits a little too close to home in that I'm too close to needing another hand to count the people I've known who chose to end their lives. But instead, I just bitched to Jason and now I'm bitching to you.

I think I was also jaded by too much Joss Whedon who's vindictive against actors who quit. What was the point of killing Anya in "Chosen" except that Emma Caufield announced she wasn't coming back for BtVS S8 before SMG? I kept thinking that David Shore was so pissed at Kal Penn that he decided to have the character commit suicide and then not have him in his final episode at all because Kutner killed himself off screen as the episode started/before it began. I had this whole imaginary conversation between Shore and Penn:

Penn: Obama offered me a job. It's sweet. But, btw, I'm leaving. Kutner was an underdeveloped character that you didn't know what to do with anyway. Kumar had more character.
Shore: What? You can't do that? House needs 3 n00b doctors, and I promise, we'll give you more lines. Kutner has more character.
Penn: The President just called me on my iPhone.**
Shore: Don't show up tomorrow.
Penn: What?
Shore: I told fans I was going to kill a character, and now I know who it's going to be. *pulls script out of his ass and over private Twitter message via an iPhone applications plots Kutner's suicide with writing team*

**All celebrities have iPhones in my head. I want an iPhone.

In some ways, I feel cheated as we like the rest of the characters never really got to know Kutner. What did we know about him besides his geekery, his parents' murders, his adoption, and that he was a doctor? And if it'd been written that way, it would've been okay. Like say, if last season's finale and this year's had been switched. However, two seasons should have more character development given I know all about Taub's mid-life crisis and Thirteen's bedroom skills.

In other ways, I don't feel cheated. The show is about House. It's called House, M.D., not Princeton Plainsboro. Every character development of someone not House is tied directly to House. And that was the best part of the episode and the most personally fulfilling for me, watching House, the man who can say anything, interrogate and blame everyone around him for not noticing and questioning himself. For being sad, but not processing it in the same way as everyone else. For once again clarifying that House would rather live with his pain than not. This is why I watch the show. (That and Lisa Edelstein, Hugh Laurie, and Omar Epps are very attractive people.)

Okay, part of me was hoping for another Cuddy/House kiss, only reverse this time in that House had lost his kid in a far more horrific manner than a bio-mom not wanting to put her child up for adoption. (Even though Cuddy got her baby.) Then there would be a continuation of a plot thread.

And I'd much rather have Cuddy being there for House, instead of Wilson. Who's still a projecting douchebag and this episode really once again illustrated all Wilson's behavior that I hate and hoped he'd lost by actually growing during his relationship with Amber.

Guh. Why does House always do this to me? Why do I feel like quitting it while wanting to keep watching?

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From what I understand (of what they're all saying publicly, at least), Penn gave them ample warning. Like during the campaign telling them he might want move on, and then when the offer came up after the election, giving them the official word. Though I'd like to think he might have been more unsure about leaving had his character ever had anything to do emotionally. Oddly, I'd started to appreciate Kutner, thinking they might be building to something, since they seemed to have been making a point to give him most of the really clever solutions to cases.

I'd like to think that not showing Kutner in the episode was an artistic choice, rather than a big FU to Penn. For one, he got to be all triumphant and get House's admiration at the end of last week's ep. I figured they were trying to make a point about suicide really being about those left behind, and that it's impossible to know what was going on inside the person after they're gone. Which will be an easy point, since they never tried to tell us what was going on with Kutner.

Re House/Cuddy, they've confirmed officially that they'll be hooking up at some point before the end of the season. And that it will end horribly, because if House entered into a functional, adult relationship, they might as well have him jump the aligator filled Hudson on the bike. But Laurie's been teasing all year about it being precipitated by some serious emotional shit that House goes through, so look for it in the next couple of eps.

Anyway, yeah. I'm still not sure how I feel about the episode. But I think I'm a bit more positive than you. But I tend to take a Watsonian interpretation of things. *shrug*

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Yeah, logic and statements from Penn, getting in the way of my still-present Joss I-kill-for-shock-value Whedon issues.

I figured they were trying to make a point about suicide really being about those left behind, and that it's impossible to know what was going on inside the person after they're gone.

I definitely agree with that. As that's exactly what happens when someone does commit suicide. But like you said... Which will be an easy point, since they never tried to tell us what was going on with Kutner.

I wasn't sure how many episode (if any) were left this season as other shows have been finishing up at 20. But despite my shippy tendencies, it would just be nice to have a plot hole filled in a little.

I think part of my negativity (which isn't all negativity because I did love House's reactions) is that the previews made it "Don't miss this very special episode of House" and then NPR spoiled me for the suicide. Which in turn, made me go into the episode expecting the Very Special Episode about Suicide on House and that's what I was geared to watch.

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Re IMDB, there are 4 more episodes left. Though the last two don't even have air dates. If there's like a huge hiatus before the last 2, I'll be really pissed.

Like I said in my post (however veiled), I was happily surprised by the episode. In fact, my expectations were quite low. All season, it's been bullshit whenever the promos made a big deal of it. House and Thirteen are taken hostage! ...but nothing really happens. House and Cuddy kiss! ...but nothing really happens. Thirteen almost dead of brain tumor! ...but nothing really happens. Everyone thinks there's something horribly wrong with House! ... but it turns out he's just on better pain meds, but then stops. So when this one was all "You will be socially outcast and die of plague if you miss this episode!", I was totally expecting Foreman and Thirteen to have a tiff and Wilson gets a minor infection from a papercut.

So without those expectations of a Very Special Episode, I was quite impressed by how they handled it. I thought they did a good job showing how after a suicide, no one has any idea how to react, what to do, and all the emotions people go through. Confusion, denial, anger, betrayal. I'm heartened by how responsibly they're playing this, and I'm excited to see how it all develops.

That, and it will lead to life afirming House/Cuddy smexxorz. And I'm totally okay with that.

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Penn: Obama offered me a job. It's sweet. But, btw, I'm leaving. Kutner was an underdeveloped character that you didn't know what to do with anyway. Kumar had more character.
Shore: What? You can't do that?

He literally couldn't do that. He was under contract.

The actual story is: the House writers wanted to kill off one of the regulars, feeling particularly bloodthirsty or having just had lunch with the Lost writers or something, idk. They just weren't sure who. Penn got the job offer, and offered Kutner as the dead man walking, and David Shore, though he was not happy Penn was so eager to leave, allowed Penn to exit out of his contract and wrote him out.

An actor can't choose to leave a show when s/he's under contract. Penn is going around saying he quit, but it's basically a lie.

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Oh, logic. Yeah, like I said, that was Joss Whedon issues talking. You know, other producers don't do the same things when and if contracts are up for renewal.

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I got spoiled by yahoo, for some reason they think spoilers make good new headlines, even when I am not reading entertainment news. I still haven't seen it because I watch online and it is a week behind.

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These days, it seems like I always miss the TV shows I watch. Mostly as I have better things to do and my downtime is not the same as when they air the TV shows I enjoy.

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