Jul. 23rd, 2009

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I'm very much ready to go to WriterCon. I can almost taste vacation. That said, I feel enormously out-of-touch with fandom. Most of my fannish shows have ended, and it's been almost a year since I've put out a single piece of fanfic and many months since I've read any fanfic. (Unless you count comic books.)

It's not that I don't watch the shows or know the lingo. I certainly saw the new Star Trek movie, and as Trek was my first fandom, I can Vulcan hand greeting with the best of them. I might've never seen the HP movies or read the books, but I can tell you the big spoilers and who all the characters all and what they're about. I can tell you all about what I thought of CotE and how Catherine Tate should've been Scotty in the new Trek movie.

Mostly, it's feeling out-of-touch and out-dated. Like I am Angel playing Barry Manilow on that jukebox... (That scene will never not be funny.) I don't know the who-is and whats-is. I'm sure that very big BNF that's been in fandom for less than 2 years is going to be my stranger. When people ask me what I write or what fandoms I'm in, I don't even know what to say. Besides like "hey, I'm pretty sure I had an I <3 LA shirt like She-Hulk in the '80s" while they're trying to sell me on bandfandom.

It's funny because this is kind of how I felt the first time I went to WriterCon. Except that maybe I'll have something of a reputation (I can be a h8ter) or maybe no one will know who the hell I am. (Good thing is that if they don't know me; I probably don't know them either.)

And it's silly in a way because I *know* a lot of you who are going. I'm rooming with three lovely women, whom I adore, and one of whom has been a best friend for seven years.

I'll just be over here watching TNG. It's all just traveling nerves.

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